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Employer Group Benefits

Your employees are your greatest asset. While they are busy taking care of the company, the company should be taking care of them. That is where we come in. Group Insurance Solutions is a full-service employee benefits broker and consulting firm providing medical, dental, life, and disability income insurance.


  • Health insurance – fully insured and alternative funding plans 
  • Group life and disability Income insurance
  • Group dental and vision
  • Voluntary benefit programs
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Long-term care insurance


  • Annual plan review, renewal design, and carrier alternatives
  • Periodic claims analysis
  • Benefits surveys
  • On-site employee enrollment meetings

Find Low Cost & Affordable Group Insurance Quotes

Gathering insurance quotes from multiple companies can be a daunting process. However, if you’re looking for low-cost health insurance options, it is a necessity. We take great pride in providing information on a number of insurance policies from the best companies so you can make the most informed decision possible. We can complete these quotes much faster than you could on your own. We also make it as easy as possible to compare the plans so you can fairly compare the benefits to each and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Group Life Insurance

Most life insurance policies are purchased with the help of an employer. Offering this tax-deductible benefit to your employees can be more affordable in comparison to shopping for individual life insurance plans and a nice complement to group health insurance benefits. Anybody who has loved ones who rely on them for financial support, be it their spouse, their children, or other family members, should have some level of life insurance. In the event that the employee's life should be cut short, the resulting financial hardship can be catastrophic to those left behind. Unresolved debts, monthly mortgage commitments, hospital costs and funeral expenses can prove to be financially insurmountable.

With group life insurance, you can offer peace of mind at extremely affordable rates. Additional coverages can be added for accidental death and dismemberment. We offer two types of group life insurance, including:

  • Basic Group Life Insurance
  • Voluntary Group Life Insurance

Dental Coverage

Benefits That Can Make You Smile - With Dental Coverage as one of the most desirable benefits offered by employers, finding the proper plan is critical.

Whether you’re an employer looking to provide Dental Coverage to your employees and their families under a group plan for the first time or want to examine other carriers and alternate funding arrangements, Group Insurance & Investment Solutions has a plan that’s right for you. From routine cleanings and check ups to additional dental work, it’s important to utilize this coverage in order to maintain good oral hygiene and overall health.

Our Dental Coverage options include:

  • Traditional Indemnity
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

While there are several types of Dental Coverage options, it’s important to discuss what’s right for you with a representative from Group Insurance & Investment Solutions. We’ll help you find a plan that meets your requirements in terms of feasible co-pays, a quality dental network, overall plan price, and much more.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are usually insurance products that employees have an option to purchase through their employer with improved plan design, underwriting or lower rates.  Some of the most popular voluntary benefits are: life, short-term disability, long-term disability, critical illness, cancer, accident, hospital indemnity, limited medical or gap.  Core benefits such as medical, dental and vision have more recently been considered voluntary, as their premiums are more commonly shared or contributory.  Some of the newer voluntary benefits are telemedicine, legal, identity theft, and even coverage for the family pet.  Many employers offer voluntary benefits because they improve the overall plan design and can be offered at no direct cost to the company.

Why do I need supplemental insurance?

Benefits such as critical illness, cancer, accident, hospital indemnity, limited medical or gap are considered supplemental.  These type benefits can be used to help cover deductibles or other costs of care not covered by major medical insurance.  The benefits are paid directly to the employee, so they can use the money however they see fit.  Most consumers don’t plan for loss of income, or for expenses like childcare and travel that are necessitated by illness or injuries but not covered by major medical insurance. Yet studies show that unexpected illness and injuries account for more than 350,000 bankruptcies every year. By enrolling in these voluntary benefits, employees are rewarded with greater peace of mind.

What are the advantages for employers?

Offering voluntary benefits to employees provides a great incentive for people to stay with your company. Your employees can receive more benefits – and you don’t pay any extra. You’re also helping your employees protect their health, their savings and everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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